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Photography by Mark Anthony

When I look through my lens I am looking for a relationship with my subject(s); I am looking for how they want to represent and portray themselves. What I love most about photography is the ability to capture the essence and or character of the subject. When my images are poetic and speak for themselves without my explanation, then and only then do I consider that I have done a good job.

Before the digital age I always preferred shooting with Black & White film, though I’d also shoot in color. I strongly agree with Ted Grants quote:

“ When you photograph people in colour you photograph their clothes. But when you photograph people in Black & White you photograph their souls!”

I love that now I have the option to make any photograph Black & White through digital processing. When it comes to tools of the trade, my favorite lens to shoot with is my 50mm because it allows for lower aperture and is the closest to the human eye. Most photographers will probably hang me for this but, I’m not particular about camera brands; as of now, I mostly shoot with a Nikon I named “Trigger”. But if I had to capture an image with a pinhole camera, I would.
photography by mark anthony

I can’t really say that I have a particular style of photography because I adapt to the style, energy and character of my subject(s); something I was forced to learn as a fashion photographer from 1994 to 1998. With me, photographing someone is definitely an exchange of energy. If anything my style is fluid and based on the moment. At times I would have a particular model for a specific shoot and by the time we’re on location everything changes to adapt to that moment. My creative process begins with me being open to that sudden change depending on the nature and character of the setting and subject.

Time and time again I find myself breaking the rules of what some people would call “good photography”. In my portraits I capture the essence and spirit of the moment more than the positioning of the individual. My compositions are from a natural real world perspective instead of an orchestrated static setting. This is where I differ from most photographers when defining “good photography”. Sometimes you have to capture the moment because it’s only guaranteed to happen once and if we are overzealous about “good photography” it’s possible that we miss that sacred moment that truly defines the shot.

I believe my work silently speaks for itself. I am not a boastful person when it comes to my own work; and often find myself admiring the work of other photographers; possibly because my work is my own. Neither am I a competitive photographer. I believe every photographer has a unique eye and that’s what gives the industry variety. It’s difficult to be competitive while admiring other people’s style and approach when it comes to photography. My work in most cases is discovered by the nature of the work itself, which informs me that it’s good work.

Photography by Mark Anthony
My approach to photography has changed throughout the years. Currently my focus is nonlinear narrative photography and building a series of photographic catalogs. When I’m not photographing something or someone I’m either designing or developing websites, reading and or spending quality time with my family. To see more of my work, feel free to visit my site at

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Mark Anthony

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